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Bay Medical Center is Among the Most Affordable Hospitals in Florida

NerdWallet Health, a website that empowers consumers to make better decisions about healthcare and insurance, has found the ten most affordable hospitals in Florida – and Bay Medical Center has come in second.

A recent finalist for Health 2.0’s Hospital Price Transparency Challenge, NerdWallet Health used its Best Hospitals tool to analyze the 100 most common treatments at over 100 hospitals in Florida.

Hospital Adds Technology to Detect Lung Cancer Early

A local hospital now offers patients a new method for lung cancer detection that allows physicians to diagnose lung cancer earlier.

Falls: A Big Concern for Elderly Patients

Falls are a big concern for our elderly population:

  • Among older adults age 65 or older, falls are the leading cause of injury or death. (American Trauma Society)
  • 1 out of 3 adults age 65 and older experience a fall each year. (CDC)
  • In 2010 2.3 million nonfatal fall injuries in elderly adults were treated in emergency departments with 662,000 hospitalizations reported. (CDC)
  • With this related medical cost was estimated at 30 billion dollars.

High School Senior with Heart Disorder Finds Cure at Bay Medical

High School Senior with Heart Disorder Finds Cure at Bay Medical

Jay Burkey was in the final month of his senior year in high school when he started having trouble breathing.  After a quick trip to the family doctor and a prescription for medication to treat bronchitis, he put his mind back on school. However a few days later he started to feel worse. Much worse. In addition to trouble breathing, his chest hurt and he felt light headed and nauseous. His mother, Melanie, took him to a local emergency room fearing a severe asthma attack.

“In the ER my blood pressure was really low, like 60 over 40 and then my heart rate spiked up to 300 beats a minute,” said Burkey. “I could see my mom at the foot of my bed in the ER and then everything went black.” Burkey was in cardiac arrest. His heart had stopped for 50 seconds until external defibrillators shocked his heart back into action. Later in intensive care, his cardiologist explained what had happened. Burkey had Wolff-Parkinson White syndrome (WPW), a heart rhythm disorder that causes a very fast heart rate. He was quickly transferred to Bay Medical-Sacred Heart in order to receive treatment from Dr. Hari Baddigam, a cardiologist who specializes in electrophysiology

Bay Medical Sacred Heart Names New CEO

Bay Medical Sacred Heart Names New CEO

Bay Medical Sacred Heart announced Barry Keel will be the new Chief Executive Officer for the hospital beginning May 17th.  Keel has been a hospital CEO for more than 17 years and has also served as Chief Financial Officer and a Clinical Director during his career.  Keel has worked in both not-for-profit and for-profit settings throughout the Southeast.  He joins Bay Medical Sacred Heart from Health Management Associates where he served as the Alabama Market CEO with responsibility for two hospitals totaling more than 400 patient beds. 

Spine Surgery Technology at Bay Medical-Sacred Heart

Spinal problems cause pain in the back and neck that can then radiate to the legs or arms. Treatments such as physical therapy and injections are sometimes used, but when that doesn't work, spinal surgery can.

"My pain was very much diminished. I was much more comfortable, much more able to get up and do things without the cramping, the leg pain or the just all disappeared." says  Adana Ward, who had surgery on her spine six weeks ago to correct her spinal cord compression and to correct the alignment in her spine.

Heart Patient Receives Less Invasive Heart Surgery

A game-changing procedure for open heart surgery was introduced at Bay Medical - Sacred Heart. The surgery uses robotic technology without opening up the patient's chest. We were first introduced to this technology in december of last year...when Dr. Lynn Seto held a news conference. "What this means for the patient is that they have much less pain after the operation, less risk of requiring a blood transfusion, they go home quicker, and most importantly they are able to get back to their life quicker."

Bay Med Opens New Area for Chest Pain Patients

Sacred Heart is utilizing a new program to help patients get treated faster. news 13's jessica foster has more in tonight's modern medicine report. Bay Medical-Sacred Heart has opened up the clinical decision making unit or c-d-u. it's an observation unit for cardiac patients that helps doctors determine the extent of the illness. Only patients who aren't sick enough to qualify for an in patient bed are going to populate the CDU with the purpose of doing further testing and evaluation to see if they qualify to move upstairs.

Can Surgery Be Avoided with Physical Therapy?

Neck and back pain can be debilitating and often leads to surgery. Physical therapists say there are techniques to help patients alleviate the weakness, pain or numbness associated with neck and back pain and it doesn't require you to go under the knife.

Less Invasive Heart Surgery

Open heart surgery doesn’t have to mean sawing through the breastbone and large chest scars anymore.

Dr. Lynn Seto, cardiothoracic surgeon, announced two completely robotic mitral valve repairs on two local patients, a first for this area, using the da Vinci Si HD Surgical System, according to BayMedical CenterSacred Heart Health System.

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