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Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

Bay Medical Center's Joint Program is offered every week. It's designed for patients who are scheduled to undergo a hip, knee or shoulder procedure. Medical professionals say these types of surgeries are occurring in younger and younger patients.

Deborah Rodeheaver is 57 years old and had a total hip replacement. She's now undergoing physical therapy at Bay Medical Center.

"I had surgery on Tuesday, and I started walking on Wednesday," Rodeheaver stated.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

A chamber once used for diving purposes is showing benefits in the medical world.  Bay Medical Center's Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help promote wound healing and treat certain types of infections.

Hyperbaric medicine is now being used to help patients who've had head and neck cancer. Radiation therapy used to treat this type of cancer can weaken the teeth and jaw, eventually leading to a condition called Osteoradionecrosis, which means cell death due to radiation.  Hyperbaric medicine can help prevent this from happening.

Speech Difficulties in Children

Not being able to make appropriate sounds, a limited vocabulary, and difficulty communicating are all issues that could signal a problem with a child's speech.

Peggy Kundo is a Speech Language Pathologist at Bay Medical's Healthplex.  She says, "Parents should look for how well a child says the sounds in their words."

Education the Key to Managing Diabetes

Sarah Smith found out in april she has diabetes.

"I had no idea how serious it was until I was actually diagnosed."

Smith's doctor told her about a class offered through Bay Medical Center that teaches diabetics how to better manage their disease.

New Incisionless Procedure for Reflux

Most of us have experienced heartburn at least once.  When it happens more than once a week, it could mean you have Acid Reflux Disease.

When we eat, a valve opens from the esophagus to the stomach so food can pass through, then it closes. If that valve doesn't work properly, contents from the stomach can reflux into the esophagus.

Carotid stenting offering hope to at risk patients

Some patients who are at risk for stroke may not be candidates for conventional surgery to unblock the arteries for a number of reasons.

Those patients may fair better with carotid stenting, because it doesn't require general anesthesia and it's a quick procedure. It's done in about 15 to 20 minutes in a cath lab and only involves overnight hospitalization

New Technology Improves EMS Response Times

Panama City - Bay Medical EMS says thanks to some new upgrades it's made, we'll all get the help we need a lot faster. EMS recently added a new communication system between it's communication center and ambulances that help relay important information quickly.

National Nurses Week

Tuesday, Bay Medical Center showed some of their nurses just how much they are appreciated.

As part of nurses week celebration hospital officials handed out "Nursing Excellence Awards." Many nurses were nominated from the different departments, and Tuesday four outstanding nurses were given the final awards.

Heart Mapping Technology & Cardiac Ablation Returns Pilot to the Cockpit

An irregular heartbeat not only causes worry, but it can interfere with daily life. Technology available in our area allows doctors to treat the problem and get people back to their normal activities quickly.

An arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat. Doctors can treat it by performing a cardiac ablation, all while using a mapping system to view the heart in three dimensions.

Bay Medical Uses World's Smallest Heart Pump for Critically Ill Heart Patients

Bay Medical Uses World's Smallest Heart Pump for Critically Ill Heart Patients

Bay Medical’s Heart Institute is now using Abiomed’s Impella 2.5 heart pump, the World’s Smallest Heart Pump, as a new treatment option to assist critically ill heart patients. Interventional cardiologists Samir Patel, M.D. and Amir Haghighat, M.D. have used the new device with the first procedure being performed locally in March.

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