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Bay Medical Announces New Heart Rate Monitor Technology

March 25, 2014

Christa Dean Hild

Panama City, Florda - A small wireless heart rate monitor, that provides long-term and easy access to precise data is now available in Bay County.

Dr. Hari Baddigam at Bay Medical Sacred Heart was the first in the region to  to implant the technology into a patient a few weeks ago and they have already provided the service to five more people.

The new monitor, called Medtronic Reveal LINQ™, is about the size of a paper clip and gets implanted into the chest through a small incision. The device wirelessly transmits data back to home base.. That sends information straight to the doctors office.

"It helps us be able to identify what the problem is on a quicker more real time basis and can get the patient on in and get that patient on a pacemaker or a ICD or change their medication if that's what the need is," said Karla Teska, Director of Cardiovascular Services.