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So happy together: Toddlers and storybooks

Your 2-year-old loves her bedtime story. What steps can you take to help develop her reading skills?

One of the great joys of parenting is reading stories to tots. And though most kids won’t recognize and correctly sound out words until age five or six, toddlers love books filled with shapes, colors and happy endings. This is the age when kids pick up various “prereading” skills that make learning to read easier. Some tips to start the process:

  • Choose books about simple feelings. Toddlers are learning about emotions and will relate to tales about love, closeness, sharing and friendship.
  • Choose colorful, playful books with shapes, animals, alphabet letters and numbers.
  • Point to the words and objects as you read.
  • Use different voices to help your tot follow the story’s characters.
  • Try to select books for your youngster that introduce new words or ideas.
  • Take your child to the library and let him or her help you choose books.