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Senior Quick Quiz—1

Take this quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about staying well. Answers appear below.

Recent research shows that people ages 65 and older who frequently eat broiled or baked fish and avoid fried fish are up to 30 percent less likely to suffer from:

allergiesstrokeasthmakidney disease

After age 65, both men and women are diagnosed with the following disease at the same rate:

Alzheimer’s diseasebreast cancerosteoporosiscolon cancer

In addition to calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus, the following vitamin, found in animal-based foods like meat and dairy products, can help prevent osteoporosis:


A recent study shows that people between ages 55 and 85 who nap every afternoon for 30 to 120 minutes improve their:

amental abilityheart rateeye sightweight

A reduced, distorted or lost sense of taste or smell can be a risk factor for:

heart diseasestrokediabetesall of the above

Stiffness, redness or warmth in your joints may be a sign of:

tendonitisa torn ligamentarthritisall of the above