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Senior Quick Quiz—2

Take this quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about staying well.

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You can increase the amount of iron you absorb from foods like meat, fish and beans by eating them with foods containing:

fiberomega-3 fatsvitamin Cvitamin D

You’re more likely to develop GERD, in which stomach acid seeps into the esophagus, if you’re:

older than 65obese or overweightunderweightsedentary

Most older adults with osteoporosis need to increase their levels of this vitamin:

vitamin Dvitamin Cfolatevitamin A

Which statement about diabetic retinopathy, or damaged blood vessels inside the eye’s retina, is not true?

Nearly one in two people with diabetes has some stage of diabetic retinopathy.It often has no early warning signs.It’s a leading cause of blindness.You can’t control its progression once it begins.

A study suggests that women have a greater chance of developing breast cancer if they:

eat meateat too little fiberconsume sweetsgain 25 pounds or more after age 50

When a loved one moves into an assisted-living facility, it’s a good idea to:

stay away so he or she can adaptonly send cardsvisit regularlycall occasionally