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Action plan

  1. Look for a specialty store. Find a sporting goods store that specializes in athletic shoes and has knowledgeable staff.
  2. Shop in the afternoon. Try on shoes when your feet have swelled slightly.
  3. Choose the right shoe for your sport. Different activities involve different motions. Aerobic shoes need more side-to-side stability than running shoes.
  4. Get a proper measurement. Your foot size can change as you age. Get heel-to-toe, heel-to-ball and width measurements.
  5. Wear the right socks. Wear the same type of sock as you would when working out.
  6. Bring your old shoes. The wear pattern will show if your foot and ankle tilt excessively inward or outward, and the salesperson can help you select shoes designed for the way your foot moves.
  7. Check the fit. You should have an index-finger’s width between the top of your longest toe and the shoe. The shoe should bend at the ball of your foot where your toes bend.