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Q. I worry about my kids suffering from heat exhaustion or stroke. What should I do if they overdo it?

A. Learn to spot the warning signs of heat exhaustion—severe thirst, muscle weakness, an ashen appearance, nausea or vomiting, irritability, headache, increased sweating, cool and clammy skin and rapid breathing and heartbeat—and act quickly. Move your child to the shade or an air-conditioned indoor area to lie down with feet slightly elevated. Loosen or remove his or her clothing. If your child is alert, place him or her in a tub of cool (not cold) water or sponge repeatedly. Give your child frequent sips of cool, clear fluids like juice or sports drinks with electrolytes. Monitor your child carefully, and if his or her temperature is greater than 102° F or if your child faints, becomes confused or has a seizure, call for emergency medical help.