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Losing the meat and loving it!

If thick burgers and steaks are a big part of your regular diet—especially during the grill-happy days of summer—cutting back on beef may seem daunting. Try to gradually reduce your portion sizes. Or switch to succulent turkey burgers, barbecued chicken, shrimp kebabs and grilled portobello mushrooms and marinated vegetables.

Less can be more

After a while, a stir-fry (or stew, chili or casserole) that contains just three ounces of beef will satisfy you better than a big slab of meat on your plate. Hankering for a burger? Try a veggie burger (check nutrition labels for fat and sodium) on a whole-grain bun topped with low-fat cheese, tomatoes, onions or your favorite add-ons.

Healthy advice

To fight cancer and improve your health in general, try these tips from the American Institute for Cancer Research:

  • Limit red meat consumption to three ounces a day.
  • Choose poultry, but stew or bake it to stop heterocyclic amines from forming.
  • Eat fish at least twice a week.
  • Prepare meatless entrées with beans, nuts or seeds for protein.
  • Choose only lean cuts of red meat if you do include it in your diet.
  • Focus your meals on vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans.