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Women’s HealthWise Quiz—5

Which of the following statements is true?

People with weak eyes should avoid reading fine print.Wearing glasses makes you become dependent on them.Older people who suddenly don’t need their reading glasses may be developing cataracts.Reading in dim light hurts your eyes.

The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects your medical records’ privacy and gives you the right to:

get a copy of your medical records from your doctorrequest corrections to wrong or incomplete information in your recordsrequest a report listing who has received your personal information in the past year and whyall the above

A recent Canadian study found that children’s asthma attacks that result in hospitalization during September are usually triggered by:

cooler, damp weatherschool sportsa return to school and contact with children who have coldspoor dietary habits

Nearly all types of cancers have been related to diets poor in:

antioxidants, found in fruits and vegetableshigh-protein foods, like fish, poultry and beefcalcium-rich milk and other dairy productsomega-3 fats, found in cold-water fish

To get a truer reading of your blood pressure, do this right before getting your blood pressure levels checked:

relax for five minutestake a walk or pace a bittake an aspirinhave a cup of coffee