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Choose a heart-smart diet

New diets pop up every day that promise to help Americans combat obesity. Though they may all help followers lose weight, how can you tell which ones are best at positively impacting heart health?

To find out, University of Massachusetts Medical School researchers reviewed eight weight-loss plans that were on the New York Times best-seller list. They also assessed the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Guide Pyramid recommendations and Weight Watchers. They evaluated daily serving recommendations for fruits, vegetables, fats, fiber, nuts, soy and white meats to determine a diet’s heart-health benefit. The results, scoring highest to lowest, were:

  1. Ornish
  2. Weight Watchers high carbohydrate
  3. New Glucose Revolution
  4. South Beach Phase 2
  5. Zone
  6. Food Guide Pyramid
  7. Weight Watchers high protein
  8. Atkins 100 gram carbohydrate
  9. South Beach Phase 3
  10. Atkins 45 gram carbohydrate