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Making your move

Imagine having all the conveniences of home without the bother. Sure, the house you’ve lived in for years has many happy memories—a child’s first steps, annual holiday gatherings, warm evenings on the well-worn couch—that you don’t want to lose. Nor do you want to give up your independence. But you may need to think realistically about your health and whether your home will be as easy to live in as you age.

An active adult, or retirement, community can be the perfect solution. These residences offer peace of mind, privacy and independence to healthy older adults who can live on their own but want to feel part of a closer-knit community. Not sure whether you’re ready to make the move? If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions you may want to look further at what an active adult community can offer.

  • Do you sometimes feel lonely or depressed, or does your family live too far away to visit regularly? While an adult community can’t replace family and old friends, it can nurture social interaction among people who are around the same age and share common interests.
  • Are you finding it more difficult to get out to run errands? Maybe you live in the suburbs where public transportation is inconvenient, making errands impossible without a car. Senior communities can offer many onsite amenities—laundry and cleaning services, meals, transportation, exercise facilities, beauty services and social activities.
  • Are you unable to get around your house the way you used to? When you purchased your two- or three-story home, you probably never thought how difficult it would be to climb all those stairs when you got older. A retirement home geared toward older individuals’ needs can actually help you maintain your independence.
  • Are you tired of keeping up with home maintenance? You raised your children and your nest is now empty—and a little too big. You may feel a great sense of relief when you no longer have the responsibility of running a household.
  • Do you feel a lack of security living on your own? As you age, you may become more vulnerable; a fear of crime may stop you from leaving the house. This means fewer opportunities for social interaction and decreased quality of life. People often find comfort in living with peers, and many adult communities have the extra security of being gated.