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Senior Quick Quiz—13

Take this quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about staying well.

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A panic attack—a sudden bout of anxiety with racing heartbeat, dizziness, sweating and difficulty breathing—can be caused by:

certain asthma and heart medicinealcohol or drug abusehyperthyroidism or overactive thyroidall of the above

At what age should you begin colorectal screenings for cancer?


Senile keratosis, a condition that becomes more common with age, is:

a form of dementianarrowing of the arteriesa precancerous skin conditionan early stage of bone thinning

A small amount of sodium—around 1,500 mg for adults over age 50—is important because sodium:

helps maintain fluid balance in your bodyhelps muscles relax and contracthelps nerves transmit impulsesall of the above

The greatest risk factor for developing cataracts is:

diabetesageexcessive sunlight exposuresmoking

ANSWERS: 1. D, 2.C, 3.A, 4.B, 5.D