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Stay on your toes to detect skin cancer

Melanoma doesn’t always develop where you expect it: the face, neck and arms, which receive the most ultraviolet exposure. Sometimes it develops on the foot or ankle, and it can reach an advanced stage by the time you start wondering whether you should see a doctor about the dark-colored spot that’s been growing on your toe. To avoid melanoma-or identify it early, when a cure is easiest-follow these American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons recommendations


  • Inspect your feet daily, looking at the soles, around and under toenails and between your toes. If you wear nail polish, inspect your toenails when polish is removed for a pedicure.
  • Wear water shoes or shoes and socks. Flip-flops don’t count as protective footwear!
  • When applying sunscreen, don’t forget your feet-the tops and, yes, the soles.