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Fitting in fitness

Experts recommend exercising for at least 30 minutes a day. That shouldn’t be too difficult: After all, there are 48 half-hours in every 24-hour day. But it can be overwhelming when your day is already jam-packed. So if you can’t spare the full 30 minutes in one shot, why not break up your routine into three 10-minute bites? Try these suggestions:

  • Walk the dog. He needs to go, and you both need the exercise. If you’re feeling ambitious, pick up the pace for a few minutes and try a light jog.
  • Speed up your shopping. At the mall, take a brisk walk around the perimeter before popping into your favorite stores. At the supermarket, do an extra lap at the end, when your cart is full—and harder to push.
  • Scour your home. Burn major calories while you clean: Pick up the pace while you vacuum, give the bathtub a vigorous scrubbing and stop multitasking: The more trips you make to the basement, the more exercise you’ll get.
  • Take a video game break. Many of today’s games aren’t for couch potatoes: Interactive games keep you moving with workout routines and simulated tennis, bowling and other sports.
  • Eat and run. Maybe you can’t take a full hour for lunch, but surely you can squeeze in a 10-minute walk after your sandwich. Round up some co-workers and take a speed walk around the building.
  • Watch a video. Many fitness DVDs offer 10-minute workouts. Do three segments a day and you’re done!
  • Get off the couch. Don’t just sit there during commercial breaks. Get up and dance, run in place—anything that gets you moving. A fan of “Dancing with the Stars”? Cha-cha along with the celebs.
  • Take the stairs—repeatedly. Use your staircase at home or find a quiet stairwell in your office building and head onward and upward. Pick up the pace or keep adding steps to challenge yourself.