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Volunteers for fitness

Bored by your usual exercise routine? Do something different once a week while making a difference in the world around you. Follow these suggestions from the Charity Guide, a nonprofit organization that promotes volunteerism:

  • Be a dog walker at a local animal shelter or humane society.
  • Help build special enclosures at a wildlife shelter or rehab center.
  • Plant a tree or a garden, or organize or take part in a beautification program in your neighborhood, town or city.
  • Form a walking school bus—a group of children walking to school with one or more adults.
  • Organize or participate in a graffiti clean-up event.
  • Get yourself and your pet certified for pet therapy, then visit local nursing homes or long-term care facilities that welcome pets.
  • Help stock shelves at a local food bank.
  • Take a CPR class, then learn how to teach one.

If you want to make good use of some vacation days, opportunities abound. Search for them on the Web—they exist right in your own backyard as well as around the world.