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When should I schedule my baby’s first dental visit?

Many experts recommend your baby have the first dentist visit sometime between when the first tooth appears—usually at 5 to 8 months old—and when all primary teeth have come in, or before 2½ years old. But your dentist may recommend bringing in your baby by his or her first birthday. After the first visit, schedule one every six months. To keep your baby’s mouth healthy, you should also:

  • Clean your baby’s teeth with a damp, soft cloth or baby toothbrush as soon as they come in—at least once a day, preferably twice (especially right before bedtime).
  • Use a small drop of fluoride toothpaste on a toothbrush when most of the teeth are in, about age 2.
  • Check for spots or stains on teeth.
  • Feed your baby healthy food.
  • Avoid putting your baby to bed with a juice-, milk- or formula-filled bottle, which all contain sugar. If he or she needs a bottle to go to sleep, fill it with water.