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When to call the pediatrician

You don’t want to seem like an overanxious new mom, but your newborn just doesn’t seem like herself. How do you know it’s time to call your child’s pediatrician? Look for these signs:

Fever: a rectal temperature above 100.4° Fahrenheit

Change in stool: very loose and watery stools (some looseness is normal in breastfed babies)

Unusual behavior: jitters or extreme floppiness

Change in alertness: Excessive drowsiness (newborns sleep a lot, but if you think your baby is sleeping more than normal, make the call)

Mucus, tearing of the eyes: white discharge crusts up the eyes, making it difficult for baby to open them

Runny nose: difficulty breathing, especially during feeding

If you have any doubt about your baby’s symptoms, call the pediatrician right away. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.