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Child’s play

Good news! You don’t need a babysitter to fit in fitness.

Make it fun

Your kids don’t want to “exercise” with you, but they’ll leap at the chance to play tag, build a fort or go on a scavenger hunt. The key is to make it fun—for everyone.

Get buff with baby

If you’ve got a newborn, speak with your healthcare provider before doing any exercise. Then try these tactics to lose the baby weight:

  • Just walk. Pushing baby in the stroller or using a baby carrier or sling is a great workout. The longer and faster you walk, the better.
  • Sit up! Do some curl-ups. Lay baby on the floor near you, and each time you sit up, wave, smile or say hi.

Toddler-friendly moves

  • Kick it. Grab a ball and start rolling or kicking it back and forth. Your little one’s aim is likely less than stellar, so you’ll do a lot of running after the ball.
  • Act like an animal. Waddle like a penguin, hop like a kangaroo, jump like a monkey and crawl like a caterpillar, and have your toddler imitate you.
  • Put on a show. Turn on some kid-friendly tunes and cut a rug together.

Get your preschooler involved

  • Get in the game. Play a game the whole family can get into: soccer, tag, Simon Says or Red Rover.
  • Jump rope. Kids love it—especially if you sing silly songs while jumping. And jumping rope burns about 340 calories per half hour for a 150-pound person.
  • Climb, crawl and run. Turn your yard into an obstacle course with chairs, boxes, logs and other detours for you and your kids to crawl under, climb over and run through.