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How to get your child to exercise

It’s happening across the country—children are motionless while watching hours of TV, surfing the Internet and playing video games. How can you get your mini couch potato moving? Try these tips:

  • Discover an inner athlete. Ask your child what sport or game he or she likes to play. The more a child enjoys an activity, the more likely he or she is to participate in it.
  • Unplug. Reduce your child’s use of electronics to make time for other activities. Experts suggest that kids get no more than two hours of screen time a day, including TV, computers and video games.
  • Get equipped. Keep balls, jump ropes and other toys around. Having fun gear in reach will prompt little ones to get up and play.
  • Do it together. Act like a kid again and learn a new sport with your child. It’ll get you both moving while you spend quality physical time together.
  • Make the first move. Your children may be more interested in joining the game if you’re the one pitching the first ball.