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Clearing up skin care myths

Myth: Dry skin causes wrinkles.

Fact: Dry skin can make wrinkles seem more prominent, but dryness doesn’t cause wrinkles. A majority of wrinkling results from the sun’s (or a tanning booth’s) ultraviolet rays. Gravity, scowling, smiling, smoking, worrying and sleep lines also cause wrinkles.

Myth: Creams with collagen, elastin and vitamins can rebuild your skin.

Fact: Save your money. Although skin is made of these nutrients, your skin can’t be rebuilt from the outside. Even if it could, these nutrients are too large to penetrate your skin.

Myth: If you have flaky skin or dandruff, your skin is definitely dry.

Fact: Not necessarily. People sometimes confuse other flaky conditions with normal dryness. For example, excessive moisture in hair follicles can cause scaling, particularly around the nose and eyebrows. If you use moisturizers for two weeks without improvement of your “dry skin,” see a dermatologist.

Myth: Isometric facial exercises can reverse wrinkles.

Fact: Sorry, no. Facial expressions can cause wrinkles, but they can’t erase them! Don’t despair, however. Although facial contortions won’t do much, regular aerobic exercise can improve your skin’s color and texture. That’s because the increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to your skin.