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Chores teach children about cooperation, responsibility, fairness and commitment. Here are some tips on how to encourage your children to be active members of your household:

  • Start early. Young children are always eager to help their parents. Give them simple tasks, like putting dirty clothes in the hamper, and as they get older give them more responsibilities.
  • Explain. Talk with you children about why it’s important to contribute o the home and family.
  • Demonstrate. Review duties thoroughly and show your child the right way to do the chore.
  • Apply consequences. Encourage your children to complete their chores by rewarding theirs in the form of an allowance. There can be negative consequences for not completing chores as well.
  • Don’t nag or take over. Reminding your child or doing it for him or her if he or she forgets makes the chore your responsibility. Instead, let your child be accountable for his or her own actions.
  • Provide praise. Even after the chore has become routine, remember to praise your child for being helpful.