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Cold-weather workouts

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to give up exercising completely. Plenty of calorie-burning, muscle-building workout options exist that are season-appropriate. See what works best for you and get moving.

Don’t like the cold? Move your favorite activities inside. Instead of walking in your neighborhood, do it at the mall before the stores open. Or convert your bike into a stationary version.

  • Aerobics classes are often offered at gyms and community centers, or you can rent a video or DVD. Burns 240 calories*
  • Swim indoors and winter will seem more summery. Your knees will thank you, since swimming puts less stress on your joints than running or walking. Burns 300 calories
  • Hit the gym. Exercising with dumbbells and weight machines improves balance and coordination. Burns 220 calories Or try that yoga class you’ve been curious about. Burns 180 calories

Yes, you’ll need to bundle up, but by exercising in daylight, you may boost your mood while staying in shape. Dress in warm layers and be sure to warm up and stretch before your workout; your muscles are tighter and at greater risk of injury when your body is cold.

  • Walk briskly to stay warm. Head into the wind so it won’t blow in your face on the way home when you’re colder. Burns 200 calories
  • Go running along your usual route, but watch for icy patches and slippery, wet roadways. Keep a slower pace; run too fast and you’ll create a chilling breeze. Burns 340 calories
  • Ski if snow hits your area. Cross-country skiing is an excellent endurance sport. Burns 275 calories
  • Go snowshoeing, if you can in your climate. You’ll get a new take on walking, with beautiful scenery to boot. Burns 200 calories

* All figures are for a 150-pound woman exercising for 30 minutes.