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Expecting twins? Here’s some advice

Chances are you’re not a twin. And chances are you’ve always imagined it would be really cool to be a twin—have someone look like you, speak like you, maybe even share identical interests.

But imagine having other people confuse you, think of you as one and the same person, fail to appreciate your distinct personalities. Could get pretty annoying. If you’re expecting a bundle of babies, these tips from the National Organization of the Mothers of Twins Clubs can help establish your babies’ identities as unique individuals right from the start:

  • Prepare your older children for the coming event to avoid jealousy. Have them take an active, helpful part in the new experience.
  • Select different-colored clothing for your babies. This will help identify each at a glance. For twins, you will need 1 1/2 times the amount of clothing needed for one child.
  • Choose your babies’ names with care. Avoid rhyming names that may seem cute at the time of birth but confusing later.
  • Create a chart so everyone can see at a glance who has been cared for and at what time.
  • Treat your babies as individuals from the start. Avoid referring to them as “the twins” and use their given names.