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6 steps toward a more active lifestyle

Fitting an exercise program into your schedule doesn’t have to involve a large checkbook or even a lot of time. Known as “lifestyle workouts,” the following list was created for even the busiest people.

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. This alternative burns calories and tones muscles. If your destination is several stories away, walk several flights and ride the rest.
  2. Avoid your intercom. At work, walk down the hallway rather than use the intercom system, the telephone or e-mail to talk to a co-worker.
  3. Walk instead of drive. It may not be the speediest mode of transportation, but it’s effective when you want to visit a neighbor down the street, take your child to a nearby park or pick up a couple of items at the corner market.
  4. Walk during lunch. Take a friend for company or listen to a book on tape to make your walk mentally as well as physically productive.
  5. Clean the house. You’ll have to do more than load the dishwasher to get your heart pumping, but a vigorous cleaning that takes two to three hours may be just what the doctor ordered. (And you’ll have something to show for it in the end.)
  6. Ride your bike. It’s quicker than walking, cheaper than driving and it burns calories.