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Getting to know you again

Adjusting to retirement is one of the biggest challenges faced by a couple. Suddenly you’re spending a great deal more time together, and unless you’ve prepared for the transition, you may find yourselves at a loss—no matter how long you’ve been married. Here are some preretirement strategies:

  • Explore activities you enjoy together. Maybe it’s photography, taking long walks outdoors, playing golf or learning ballroom dancing. No matter the activity, now is your chance to cultivate a shared passion.
  • Practice spending more time together. Silly as it sounds, you may have to get reaccustomed to devoting more than 20 uninterrupted minutes to your spouse. Rehearse for retirement on weekends and vacations.
  • Make new friends. Join clubs or pursue hobbies that expand your network of acquaintances. You’ll find the new company intellectually stimulating.
  • Reassess your roles. How will your daily routines be juggled when you’re both home? Who will do the cooking? Who will do the laundry? Think about what you each can do to feel more comfortable at home during the day.