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Going solo for supper

You’re living on your own, or maybe you have a few days to yourself while the family is away. So, what do you eat when you’re alone? After you’ve had your fill of fast foods or gotten tired of takeout, you’ll be ready for a good, home-cooked meal.

Here are some tips from solo artists on cooking for someone special—yourself.

Fill the fridge. There’s nothing worse than coming home hungry only to find the refrigerator bare. Plan your meals and shop in advance for the ingredients needed for your culinary creations. Keep your spice rack well-stocked so you never run out of rosemary for your lamb or bay leaves for your tomato sauce.

Do the math. Brush up on simple fractions and basic division and you’ll have all the tools you need to adapt family-size recipes to a single serving. If you eat alone a great deal, invest in a cookbook with recipes for one.

Hold everything. Stock up on different types of storage bags and containers and use them for leftovers. Many individual serving dishes with matching lids can go right from the freezer to the microwave to the dinner table to the dishwasher, making cooking and cleanup a snap.

Cook for a crowd. You may only want one serving of stew, but make more than you need and freeze the rest so it’s ready when you want a delicious meal. Label and date your freezer foods for easy identification.

Indulge yourself. When you’re cooking for one, you buy a lot less. As a result, your budget may allow you to splurge on caviar, lobster, truffles or gourmet frozen yogurt. Go for choice cuts of meat, the freshest vegetables and exotic fruits.

Have it your way. If you enjoy dining by candlelight, go right ahead. Decorate the table in fine linen and set a place for one with the “good” china. After all, you’re worth it.