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How can I ease my child’s fear of doctor’s visits?

  • Make the doctor’s visit part of a fun tradition. Make an appointment with your children to go out for lunch or rent a special video after each visit.
  • Be positive. While waiting to see the doctor, use humor with your children and talk about subjects not related to the visit.
  • Put it in perspective. If your children ask if they are going to get a shot during their checkup, don’t shield them from the truth. If they are scheduled for a vaccine, tell them the doctor is going to check their ears and eyes, tap their knees and weigh them. Explain that the doctor may be giving a vaccination so they won’t get sick. If they are worried about pain, tell them it may pinch for a minute, but that the hurt will go away. Reassure them that everybody has to get a vaccination sometimes—even Mommy.

During the vaccination, help calm your child by talking about his or her special interests. Afterward, offer plenty of praise. Say, “You did wonderfully!”