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How can I find the ideal pediatrician?

You want a successful relationship with your kids’ doctor, of course. These tips will help you find one who’s right for you and your children!

  • Don’t decide on a pediatrician based on just a phone call or someone’s referral. Visit the office and meet the doctor.
  • Ask about the doctor’s specialties, those of his or her partners, office hours (nights? weekends?), insurance plans, billing and off-hours coverage.
  • Understand the doctor’s approach to treating a sick child. Some pediatricians want to see a child at the first sniffle; others let nature take its course before recommending a visit.
  • If you’re pregnant, find out if the doctor will attend the birth, and his or her policies on wellness office visits, circumcision, breastfeeding and point of view on working parents.
  • Last, look around. Do you like what you see and hear? Do the office and staff “feel” professional enough to you? Will you be able to enjoy a good rapport with the doctor?