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Juice for GI trouble

What kind of fruit juice should I give my toddler to help her recover from diarrhea?

White grape juice seems to speed recovery. In a 2001 study, researchers treated 60 kids from 4 to 20 months old with a single serving of pear, apple or white grape juice. The grape juice kids recovered more quickly and didn’t relapse compared with either the pear or apple juice groups. According to the study team, that’s because white grapes lack sorbitol, a carbohydrate that doesn’t break down during digestion; the other juices contain it. What’s more, white grape juice has a balanced blend of fructose and glucose, while apple and pear juices are much heavier in the fructose department—and that causes gas and bloating in infants. However, doctors advise care in feeding juice to kids: Too much of any juice can actually cause diarrhea, too.