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Keep it simple

Less money. Sparser furnishings. Limited obligations. Revolutionary goals? In these money-driven, computer-controlled, high-pressure times, you bet! But if you want peace of mind and greater fulfillment, they may well be worth striving for—especially if you are undergoing cancer treatment. Learning how to focus on your health and dealing with recovery will be easier if you consider these tips:

    Tear up your schedule. Or at least, plan on one to two totally unscheduled days a week. Stay home and look through photo albums. Relax with some music. Or just do nothing at all.

    Plant something. Watching even a couple of tomato vines grow will instill patience and remind you of nature’s power.

    Acknowledge that you’re not indispensable. Even CEOs can be replaced. So don’t postpone a vacation because you’re afraid things won’t get done without you.

    Be grateful. Instead of struggling toward status and control, reflect on that which brings you real happiness. Be thankful for what you have—including those around you who can provide their medical expertise.

    Think about the people who really matter to you. Spend time with friends and family members who make you feel comfortable and can bring a smile to your face even in rough times.

    Clean out clutter. Donate clothes you no longer wear. Sell dust-collecting knickknacks at a garage sale. Consider giving books to your library. Paring down your physical surroundings can rid you of distractions and let you direct your attention toward more important things … like your health!