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Need to lift your spirits? Volunteer!

Feeling down in the dumps? The best cure is getting out and focusing on someone else’s needs. Give a gift that will help you feel better by:

  • increasing your sense of usefulness and well-being
  • giving you satisfaction as a contributing citizen
  • helping you meet like-minded people
  • teaching you about other generations and cultures
  • widening your circle of friends
  • making you a role model for younger women
  • knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life
  • keeping your mind off your own problems
  • building teamwork and leadership skills

Volunteering is a secret ingredient that helps you stay healthy and feel fulfilled. It can even help you live longer. What better reason could you have for getting out there and giving of yourself?

Getting started

Once you’ve made up your mind to give it a try, here’s what you can do:

  • Call the hospital, a nursing home or other community organization to see whether they can use your help in the gift shop, snack bar, library, office, supply center or patient support programs.
  • Visit or These websites match you by zip code with organizations that need help. Their needs are described, and you can communicate with them by e-mail.
  • Call your county health department or board of education. They can identify places and programs that need your help.

Using your time, talent and energy to help others can help you feel good about yourself.