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Make a great meal good for you

Dining out is as American as, well, apple pie. But this favorite pastime can also be a diet killer. The good news is that many restaurants feature “lite” menu selections that cater to today’s weight watchers. But if you’re really looking forward to a good, thick steak, these strategies can help keep your belt on the same notch tomorrow morning:

  • Trim your calories a bit a few days before your night out. That way, you can indulge and not gain.
  • Do not go to the restaurant super-hungry. You’ll blow your budget and your waistline. Hint: Have a small snack at home if your tummy’s growling—fruit slices, graham crackers or a glass of milk.
  • Alcohol has calories, too, so they must be added to your total caloric intake for the evening. If you wish to indulge, order wine by the glass.
  • When looking over the menu, watch for these good-health words: steamed, poached, boiled, baked, broiled and grilled. They translate to lower fat. On the other hand, skip items with these words: fried, sautéed, crispy, creamy or breaded. They will be high in fat.
  • When your meal arrives, ask yourself, “Do I eat this much at home?” If the answer is no, cut the meal in half and ask for a doggie bag before digging in.