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The feelings of pregnancy

Concerned because you’re not in a constant state of excitement? Wondering why you’re blue when you should be blissful?

Relax. Wild hormonal changes on the inside and wild physical changes on the outside have you swinging on an emotional pendulum—from delight to despair, from excitement to edginess—over the course of a single day.

While it’s not easy to cope with shifting moods, especially if you’re usually even-tempered, understand that the swings are perfectly natural. If this is your first pregnancy, you’re probably a little apprehensive about motherhood. You may be preoccupied with your changing body, worried that you’ve become unattractive and afraid that you’ll be left with extra pounds and swollen breasts long after the baby is born. Flagging energy levels and changing sleep patterns may also give you a case of the crankies.

The best therapy? Learn as much as you can about pregnancy so changes don’t take you by surprise, and turn to others—your partner first and foremost—for support. Describe your feelings to him, ask for help when you need it (be specific!) and discuss impending fatherhood with him. You may discover that he shares the same hopes, fears and anxieties as you and that it helps to talk them over together.