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Bay Med Opens New Area for Chest Pain Patients

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Panama City – One of the main goals in healthcare is to streamline treatment Bay Medical-Sacred Heart has opened up the clinical decision making unit or CDU. It’s an observation unit for cardiac patients that helps doctors determine the extent of the illness. Only patients who aren’t sick enough to qualify for an inpatient bed are going to populate the CDU with the purpose of doing further testing and evaluation to see if they qualify to move upstairs. “This helps doctors move patients through the emergency room faster” says Dr. Mario Pulido. “Patient comments have been very positive.” Rather than stay in an observation unit and have more tailored nursing than an ER that in any part of the world is always hectic, patients with a heart attack are quickly moved upstairs to get a heart cath or other treatment. Other patients with cardiac problems are taken to the CDU for further testing such as a stress test. If it hurts anywhere in the stomach area there’s a lot of things that it can be. Experts agree that seeking medical attention right away ensures patients get proper treatment and the CDU allows for proper testing. It’s a holding ground to allow people who have potentially active disease from going on home and be unsafe. “The CDU focuses on cardiac patients right now…but will likely expand to accommodate other medical issues” says Dr. Pulido. Bay Medical-Sacred Heart will likely expand the CDU in the future to accommodate other medical issues.

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