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Bay Medical Installs $1.7 M State-of-the-art Catheterization Lab

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Panama City, Forida – Bay Medical will begin treating patients this week in a new state-of-the art catheterization lab that uses two cameras for viewing both peripheral vascular blockages as well as those in the heart. Bay Medical is the only hospital in our area with this advanced technology. The closest hospital to offer this type of cath lab is in Mobile, Alabama.

The $1.7 million Toshiba Infinix DP-i system will improve patient care and comfort by aiding physicians in fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment. The flat panel technology provides a high-resolution view for a clearer picture of the patient’s blood vessels. The dual-plane, or two-camera, imaging enhances the hospital’s capabilities in treating peripheral vascular disease and coronary disease. “The peripheral detector, or camera, is larger than what typically is used for heart imaging and provides sharp images of the carotid arteries, the cerebral vessels, renal arteries and leg arteries,” says Dr. Amir Haghighat, interventional cardiologist. “With this new lab, we can get the best images of both coronary and peripheral arteries in the same room and can provide delicate interventional procedures such as placing a stent in the carotid artery as well as opening clogged vessels in the legs and the heart.”

Other advantages of the new system include less radiation for the patient during the procedure, smaller doses of contrast medium, and increased range of motion for the cameras for ideal positioning. Additionally, the system features a multi-tasking computer processor that allows physicians to process and view images in real-time, as well as automation features for faster preparation – both working to help physicians identify and treat blockages in less time. In the case of heart attack, time is of the essence.

Bay Medical’s heart program is locally known for taking excellent care of patients and nationally known for providing the best in quality cardiac treatment. HealthGrades, a leading healthcare ratings organization, has rated Bay Medical cardiology services among the top 5 percent in the nation two years in a row making Bay Medical the top rated heart program in all of northwest Florida. In addition, Bay Medical routinely beats national standards for rapid treatment of heart attack.

For more information, please call Christa Hild at 747-6542.

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