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Bay Medical Offers Advanced Robotic Surgeries for Women

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Panama City, FL – Bay Medical OB/GYN Justo Maqueira, M.D., is the first surgeon in our region to offer a specialized cerclage procedure using robotics to enable a local woman to deliver a healthy, full-term baby. A cerclage is a procedure used to prevent miscarriage or premature birth when a woman’s cervix is “incompetent” to hold a pregnancy inside the uterus through a full term.

When a woman’s cervix is incompetent, it is prone to dilating prematurely during the second trimester. Approximately one percent of women will be diagnosed with an incompetent cervix which is the cause of 25 percent of miscarriages during the second trimester. A traditional cerclage involves stitching the cervix closed during the early stages of the pregnancy and is performed vaginally. In some patients, the incompetent cervix does not provide enough tissue for this vaginal method to be effective.

Dr. Maqueira performed an abdominal cerclage using the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System which is only available locally at Bay Medical. Using an abdominal approach, Dr. Maqueira accessed the area through several tiny incisions in the abdomen and stitched the cervix nearly closed from the outside of the vagina and uterus. This rarely performed abdominal approach is done prior to pregnancy. The precision of the da Vinci System allowed Dr. Maqueira to reach this very small area and create the necessary stitches using tiny instruments with the same range of movement as the human hand.

Only 12 other surgeons in the country are currently offering this procedure using the da Vinci System.

For more information please contact Christa Hild at 747-6542.

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