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BMSH has low C-Section Rates

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While Florida had one of the highest Cesarean Section rates in the nation in 2015 – 32.6 percent – based on self-reported data from hospitals around the country provided to The Leapfrog Group, Bay Medical Sacred Heart has the lowest rate in the state of reporting hospitals.

BMSH’s 2015 rate was 12.3 percent, down slightly from 2014’s rate of 12.8 percent. that means for every 100 births at the Women’s and Children’s Pavilion last year, 12 were by C-Section. The state mirrors the nation, with a 32.2 percent rate, in C-Sections.

Also in 2015, BMSH’s Vaginal Birth After C-Section rate was 88.24 percent.

The data mirrors the latest information on the Centers for Disease Control Web site for 2013. The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit watchdog group which advocates transparency to improve hospital quality and safety, set a target rate of 23.9 percent, as proposed by a national initiative set for 2020.

While sometimes Cesarean sections are necessary, they do carry serious risks of infection, blood clots and heavy blood loss. Also, women experience longer recoveries and sometimes difficulty with future pregnancies including the breaking open of the incision scar.

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