Nursing Careers

Salary, benefits, and the right hours are top priorities when you look for new opportunities, but it takes more than that to feel truly at home with your employer. Here at Bay Medical Sacred Heart, we believe you will find that “work family” that makes a job more than just a job. Our goal is to create an environment that celebrates your achievements and allows you to grow. We provide the support you need to continue to learn in this ever changing world of healthcare, and we invest in the technologies that make our work easier and improve our quality. When we find a problem, we work together as a team to find the right solution and when we reach our goals, we all benefit.

We invite you to review our opportunities here at Bay Medical Sacred Heart and welcome you to come and meet our team.

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The Academy’s purpose is to develop a support network of nurse preceptors and increase the knowledge and skills deemed essential for becoming a successful preceptor.  The results are having more highly trained nurses, greater nurse satisfaction resulting in excellent patient care, improved patient satisfaction and decreased attrition of hospital nurses.

The program’s goal is to foster a collaborative work environment based on the Academy’s core values of professionalism, diversity, compassion and integrity.

Shared Governance

shared governance chart