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Infusion Therapy
For a variety of reasons, some patients require outpatient infusion therapy for short- or long-term treatment. The Bay Medical Infusion Therapy department is focused on meeting the individual needs of our community and provides approximately 12,000 treatments annually.

The infusion nurse is an integral member of the healthcare team, providing dedicated care to all ages, from neonate to the older adult. Depending on the type of therapy required, a patient may need treatment for many weeks, months or years.

Bay Medical Infusion therapy is a convenient outpatient setting providing the following infusion treatments.

How do you describe the care we provide in the Infusion Therapy department? EXCEPTIONAL! Infusion services are staffed by experienced RNs only. Our RNs are highly skilled in providing infusion therapy and monitoring patients during their treatments.

Nurses are encourages to learn and educate themselves and their co-workers in a field that is constantly changing and improving. We are proud to say all our current RNs have National Medical Surgical Certification and are committed to creating the best care experience for patients at Bay Medical Center.