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Holiday EMS Services

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Bay County, Fla. — It may be a service taken for granted, but Bay Medical Emergency Medical Services is ready at a moment’s notice to assist in emergencies. Even during the Christmas holiday.

Aside from responding to an accident at Enzo’s yesterday, EMS officials say they didn’t receive any unusual calls. That includes one they usually get around this time, turkey frying accidents.

“I don’t think we had any of those this year, although that is a very typical call for us,” says Lieutenant Liane Harding. “We see a lot of cooking injuries around the holidays, but we actually didn’t have any of those yesterday.”

Lieutenant harding says Bay County EMS received about 70 calls Sunday, incidents ranging from traffic accidents, to medical incidents, to their most unique call on Sunday – the mini-van that ran into Enzo’s restaurant in Saint Andrews. EMS officials say those 70 calls are around average.

As one major holiday winds down, another one is set to kick off a week later. New Year’s Eve is on it’s way, a time where the ems says alcohol related incidents, and overall incidents, greatly increase. The holiday is a week away but they say it’s never to early to think about safety.

“Designate a driver, it’s not worth it,” Paramedic Bridgette Whately said. “Even if nothing medically happens to you, there’s still law enforcement out there, it’s just not worth it, going out there and one night to blow it all.”

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