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Hospital Adds Technology to Detect Lung Cancer Early

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PANAMA CITY — A local hospital now offers patients a new method for lung cancer detection that allows physicians to diagnose lung cancer earlier.

At a press conference Wednesday, staff and administration at Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System announced the hospital now can detect lung cancer possibly one to two years earlier than with former methods. The new technology is called Veran’s SpiNDrive System, an electromagnetic navigation system that allows doctors a closer view of the patient’s lung. It is used in conjunction with a CT scan.

“If you can find someone that has a lung cancer in the Stage 1, their chance of survival and cure is much greater,” said Dr. Reed Finney, a member of the team of physicians who spearheaded the effort.

The technology can detect nodules smaller than 8 millimeters. Finney compared the size of detection to a pencil eraser versus a golf ball previously possible.

Seventy-year-old Carol Forehand was set to undergo surgery on her aorta when doctors discovered a small nodule on one of her lungs.

“Through that CAT scan, they found that nodule,” Forehand said. “It was a surprise to me because I had no other symptoms from it.”

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