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Importance of Mammograms

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Panama City, Fla. – According to The American Cancer Society, more than 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, but millions of women are surviving this disease because of early detection.

Judy White says she had no symptoms and never thought it would happen to her. It did. Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of August after a screening mammogram detected a problem. She says she “was a bad girl and didn’t go every year.” Her doctor kept encouraging her to get a screening mammogram. Luckily, she eventually did.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women begin screening mammograms at 40 years of age, with self-exams prior.

Dr. Wendy Kriegel says, “Right now this is the best test to be able to detect cancers early, and the earlier we detect cancer, the better the prognosis.”

Doctors say some women delay the test because they fear it will hurt. The test involves some compression, but it doesn’t last long. Judy says the test is well worth it, and she’s encouraging all women to get screened.

“What if I’d waited another year? I could have been in a lot worse shape or not been able to be helped,” Judy told News 13.

Bay Medical Center is also encouraging women to get a mammogram. They are holding a Day of Pampering. Any woman who schedules a mammogram at Bay Medical’s Outpatient Center on Saturday, October 1st will get a free chair massage and mini manicure. There will also be door prizes and refreshments. Call 747-6987 to schedule.

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