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Jody and Joe Hair forever hold their daughter’s hand

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Jody and Joe Hair

Madison Hair was a vibrant 19 year old a year out of Mosley High School where here parents both taught  science. She had just completed her first year at Gulf Coast State College when she suffered a severed spinal cord in a tragic car accident.

The family was told to prepare for the worst, when they arrived at Bay Medical Sacred Heart on June 22, 2012. As they realized their daughter would not survive her injuries, her father, Joe, told the staff, “My daughter is an organ donor.”

Madison was motivated by a sign her father had in his classroom at Mosely High School that read: “Don’t take your organs to Heaven. Heaven knows we need them here.” Four lives were saved when Madison lost hers. Her lungs, liver, heart and kidneys live on in donor recipients.

Madison and her sacrifice were remembered last week during a Donate Life Ceremony in the Healing Garden. Trauma Director Candi Rosamond was among the nurses singled out by Joe and his wife, Jody, for her compassion and caring. The couple praised the staff as a tree was planted in honor of all donors and their families.

Jody shared that she traced her hand for Madison when her daughter started kindergarten so she could carry it with her and not be afraid. Nurses overheard the story and traced Madison’s hand and gave it to Jody. She carries Madison’s handprint with her today.

Here’s a link to the video:

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