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New Breast Cancer Treatment at Bay Medical Reduces Treatment Time

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Panama City, FL – For patients with early stage breast cancer, Bay Medical is offering a new option in radiation therapy that can reduce treatment time and reduce the exposure of healthy tissue to radiation. Following surgery to remove the tumor from the breast, MammoSite Therapy is used to deliver radiation from inside the tumor site reducing treatment time while increasing the dose of radiation to any remaining cancer cells and decreasing the exposure to surrounding tissues.

Patients who are candidates for MammoSite Therapy will have surgery to remove the lump from the breast and then later have a small balloon and catheter implanted inside the breast where the tumor was located. The catheter is used to insert a radiation source inside the balloon in the breast for the twice daily treatments. Treatment lasts five days and then the balloon and catheter are removed. Traditional radiation therapy for breast cancer uses external beam radiation to reach the affected area of the breast and lasts for six weeks with daily visits, five days a week.

Radiation oncologists on staff at Bay Medical include Dr. David Hurst, Dr. Michael Moyses, Dr. Hasan Murshed and Dr. Jeff Trupp.

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