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New Technology Improves EMS Response Times

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Panama City – Bay Medical EMS says thanks to some new upgrades it’s made, we’ll all get the help we need a lot faster. EMS recently added a new communication system between it’s communication center and ambulances that help relay important information quickly.

Bay Medical Emergency Management Services already has better response times well above the national average.

“It shaves about 45 seconds off of a city call, which is a lot of time considering you can bleed to death in a minute,” EMS Director Corky Young said. And those response times should continue to drop, with the help these new maps. “System paid for itself right off the bat. I was going into work one morning and the computer alerted me of a 9-1-1 call about three blocks away and before the caller could give our communication center all the information, i was already knocking at the door.”

The new system alerts all the ambulances of a 9-1-1 call before a dispatcher can relay the call. Laptops in the ambulances even speak to the paramedics, telling them what part of the county the emergency is taking place.

That removes any question over which ambulance can respond the quickest.

“At the click of a button, we’re able to see our entire fleet anywhere in the county so it’s a huge advantage to know where everyone’s at,” EMS Supervisor Captain Eddie Kemp said.

The new systems turn-by-turn directions also help avoid shuffling through a book of maps.

Young says times will continue to improve once everyone gets used to the new system.

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