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d-dengerud - heart institute
Darrell Dengerud
Just hours after a new heart cath lab went online at Bay Medical, Darrell Dengerud had a massive heart attack at his home. In record time, Dengerud was transported to Bay Medical where doctors, using the latest technology available, inserted a stent to open a coronary artery that was 100-percent blocked. “I owe Bay Medical my life,” says the Lynn Haven resident.

johncimino - clogged arteries
John Cimino
His left main artery 99.9 percent blocked, John Cimino should have died that night, but fast thinking on his part meant Cimino would survive another day to enjoy his daily walks on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. He called 911 and got to Bay Medical where three stents were inserted to open the clogged artery and save Cimino’s life. He still is walking.

Faye Hutchins
The palpitations in Faye Hutchins’ heart intensified to the point where the Vernon woman quit going to a grandson’s ballgames and RVing with her husband. She had no energy and was scared she was going to die. But Hutchins went to Bay Medical where heart doctors found and repaired the source of her erratic heart rate. She soon went home to a new and normal lifestyle.

Jim Rains
Jim Rains ignored symptoms of a bad heart for years until he was stricken with a heart attack while on vacation. He survived the trip home, and underwent open-heart surgery at Bay Medical. He fully recovered and was able to return to his hands-on job of fixing up old houses.