DaVinci Robot

Robot-assisted surgery was developed by the U.S. military and NASA as a way of providing surgery for soldiers on the battlefield or astronauts in space, while the surgeon is miles away.Our surgeons, unlike those at NASA, are not miles away; rather, they operate the surgeon console in the Operating Suite with the rest of our experienced surgical team.

Despite the name, the robot does not actually perform the surgery. Rather, the surgeon uses sophisticated 3-D cameras to see inside the patient, while operating sensitive hand controls on the surgeon console. These controls translate the motions of the surgeon’s hands into the delicate instruments operated by the robot, allowing the surgeon to operate in very small places….places that are much smaller than the human hand could even reach! This provides less trauma to the patient, and a shorter, easier recovery time.

At Bay Medical-Sacred Heart, we have provided daVinci® robot-assisted surgery since 2005. During that time, we have performed nearly 1,000 prostate, gynecologic, kidney and thoracic procedures using this technique. Patients in our area are also incredibly fortunate to have surgeons trained in daVinci lung cancer procedures as well as select heart surgeries – services that are often only available at select major university hospitals.

Da Vinci® robot-assisted surgery is one more of the state-of-the-art technological wonders that are part of Surgical Services at Bay Medical-Sacred Heart.

Dr. Greg England discusses minimally invasive lung surgery (Lobectomy).

Dr. Lynn Seto discusses less-invasive robotic heart surgery.