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What it Means to be a Trauma Center

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Panama City, Fla. – (from video) Survival rates increase significantly when severely injured patients are taken to a trauma center. doctors say trauma injuries range from work place accidents to gunshot wounds…but most of them are car and motorcycle accidents. my whole head was basically swollen. i landed face first in the dirt and my fiance was on his back. a motorcycle accident lead to juli drew being rushed to bay medical center. it all started from the ambulance…they basically saved our lives and brought us here and went straight from there. the care begins in the field…continues when they get into the door. our goal is to have the patient adequately resituated and determine their injuries. the trauma center utilizes specialized equipment and a team of experts that can immediately move into action. with this designation we have a team in place, level of training in place, resources in place both in the physical plant and personnel that can take care of injured patients like they never have before in nw florida. juli is now back at work…and has recovered well. she’s optimistic that her fiance will soon be completely healed. you just take everything for granted. i’ve always heard people say that. now…i understand. look-live: the trauma center medical director dr. glenn summers says bay medical also wants to act as a center for prevention.. .educating the community on how to avoid injuries and stay safe.

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